Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I wasn't feeling well since monday. The dance practice was okayy and I didnt feel anything or any symptom of having fever. But on that night when I was revising add maths, walao its so freaking cold, my body =/ took my brother's jacket, its thick, very and finally I could feel the heat, sucha small amount. lol. And this morning, when I was on the bus, my stomach was aching, I thought I was nothing so yeah reached school and walked to Pavilion and sleep for 20 mins. And it still aching =/ when I walked in class. GASTRIC.
I can't take it anymore during recess, so Sean gave me his bread and eat it with Faisal. Guess wad, that white guy showed his solving the Rubik's skill, it's like EVERY SINGLE DAY -.-
Fuhh, add maths's time =D it's hard, as usual. haha. Only 8 questions but...
12.45 already, the 1 and a half hour exam was like 3 damn freaking hours, felt so long because I was actually in pain =/
Got home, vroom vroom start your engine. Bought a reload card for my teacher and bread for ME!
Prepared mushroom soup and hot milo *my mui's idea* I felt better after that, but somehow it still hurts

Wearing the jacket still, feel warmer :)
Till next post. ciao

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