Saturday, July 31, 2010

knock knock

a seriously terrible week I had =/ u know why rite. sigh. but nvm lets just continue erm... had my first dance practise on monday. wow, its *awesome* haha. kekok/awkward :D well thats me ^^
next practise is on 2nd of august... cool. cant wait for it, hope that we gonna get more time to practise :)

today 31st of July, woke up early for football training.. 3 hours of training, not that tiring though the last time I trained was like 3, 4 months ago.. met some new mates and the coach is good :) I had impressed him although its the first training ;) he asked " You main untuk sekolah? " me " last year " coach " this year? " me " *speechless* " and just forced myself to smile =/ called dad after training, went to HOLLYWOOD restaurant for brunch wid mum and lil sis, the restaurant is famous in town kott ;)

rushed back home, mandi, gosok baju and zoommmm, fly to smi for Perak Cube Open 2010. it went well. good job guys. went to Parade wid nicholas and karthik. met willie and shawn koon there, roamed around for 30 mins, checked the new SubZero's edition, cool. well yeah, tiring day.

*yawning* bye ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010

this just isnt working out

It Ends Tonight

Main Convent's Installation Day

Went to MC's installation day yest. It was okayy, enjoyed those performances, it was entertaining.

Planned to meet at Parade earlier. So I met Kenny and everyone gathered at Parade's bowling at 1.45. Kent, Khai Jiax, Kenny, Christopher and Willie.*I asked them to gather at 1 but I was the last person to come. haha* played 2 sets, I won the first set by 99 and Kent got 97, woo~ others... blahhh. hahaha. played half of the set in the 2nd set cause we were actually late for the Installation day.

Peiqi asked me to buy the Kaya balls *kayang balls in Cantonese says Kenny* and rushed to MC wid Kenny and Khai Jiax, Chris and Willie left us earlier cause they were in the first performance.

Peiqi gave me this! Thanks nenek :D the taste is sweet, really sweet but yeah NICE ;)

*random* it shows there /// hahaha


Its been almost a week, yeah I was kinda busy wid stuffs such as flower arrangement competition, badminton competition, prom's planning and it were all awesomely tiring.

Did not win both competition though but I had fun arranging those flowers wid Kah Cun, the President and playing badminton. My 1st shot for both competition so yeah ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

oh finally I found out why..

My GOD... sigh
I shud've listened to her starting from the beginning. is that wad u really want? okayy. Imma get this end

and yeah, to know that, all of the things. DAMN. Im stupid

seriously am over it

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PROM NIGHT 2010 :)

Interact club of St. Michael's Institution presents

In order to raise awareness regarding this disease, Polio, the Interact club of St. Michael's Institution is organizing a prom night. This event will not only raise awareness regarding Polio but also to raise fund to help the effort of preventing the eradication of this disease.

Details :

Theme : Dress to Impress

Date : 18th September 2010
Time : 5.30 pm - 9.00 pm (5.30 - 6.00 for registration)
Venue : Syuen Hotel Ipoh

Dress code : Formal attire

Tickets are priced @ RM 40 per person.

# ALL PROFITS raised will proceed to polio awareness efforts

▶ Special performance by SOUL CREW

Don't miss out this PROM! Invite your friends along. RSVP with me
and for further information, check the link below or please contact :

Project Chairman - Interactor Muhd Ilmin ▶ 014-6038383
Project Chairman - Interactor Edmund Liew ▶ 016-5638262

TICKETS are limited, get it quick :)

Service Above Self ;)


oo oo o yea... flower arrangement competition is tmr.. woo hoo GAYY -- but yea, I dont even needa enter class *gong hei

bought a cap last week... subzero babeh ;) its because my hair is long and messy. wanna buy more and more caps :D

saturday is Michaelian Badminton Closed competition, Im participating and its my first ever single competition so yeah Im kinda nervous and a lil excited. wish me luck =*

will be going to MC's Installation Day on sunday

see you there...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

horrayyy :D

awesomeee... the trip to kl was so damn COOL. its like LOL... okay here's the agenda wad had happened yesterday.
  • took off from school at 6.30
  • dropped by behrang for breakfast
  • reached SMK Aminuddin Baki at 10.30
  • lunch there
  • went KLCC after lunch
  • roaming around for an hour
  • invade petrosains from 3 to 5.30
  • journey back home begun
  • went Sg Buloh for dinner.. take away
  • reached oh SMI at 9.30
  • :)
bro fetched me to school at 6... met everyone thr *thought that I was the 1st to come :p* after Mr President checked the attendance, we got in the bus. okay, I was damn sleepy right after we were on the bus, slept for an hour back home bfore that :D camwhored by willie and then booomm, sleep for like an hour.. got myself up for breakfast, bought a burger and milk *apparently it was nothing there to eat* got back in bus... and SLEEP again :)

willie woke me up when we reached the school... the area of the school is pretty big in square feet. lol. and its so near to klcc :) got the ticket by kah chun and the booklet from the man in charged there. both ticket and booklet are cool. went in.. huge spectator there.. performance from the band at first.. few songs like heartless, need you now and dotdotdot. a dance from the real african from some uni. damn thats cool... another few performances and a sketch.. okay its boring halfway cos its too freaking long.. sorry :D lunch - ok

okayy we had fun in that IU day, really! :)

went KLCC after that... it took just 20mins I guess.. got in, not just klcc but all of the shops in tower 2. HAHAHA. found the UGLY jersey, and yeah its MAN UTD's. hahahaha. the actual mission was to find ronaldo's boots.. saw it, grab it and guess wad, its RM 1499. aligato gozaimas. roamed around... blablabla. was actually tired cos lack of sleep =/ went to the foodcourt.. bought a subway's sandwich.. nice. got to be outside of the petrosains bfore 3 so yeah we still got another half an hour.... roamed around again :D its 3, gathered at petrosains, everyone was there.. checked in.. ride from a slowest GONDOLA ever -- coolshit BLAH.. the whole thing inside was a really boring, for kids yea.. found this at the center of the journey inside.. there is a chop machine and a picther machine where u can try and see ur results... its km/h.. the speed. well Kuga and I got the same strenght :D 51.9 I guess. haha. but unfortunately willie has beaten my record in pitching.. I almost forgot wads the record was.. but it was close. HAHA

times up.. we were actually ran out of time.. took some photos outside the KLCC.. the JUMPS one is photographed by ME ;) others so noob till I have to take it.. bus arrived 10mins later, got in and hello IPOH :) harold wid his moment... he took a few tits photos. hahahaha. u can check them on my album on fb. haha

sungai buloh... went kfc. the worker is so freaking noob. I asked for a toasted pocketful and x deluxe meal.. its a wrap chicken thingy, a drumstick, mountain dew and the fries.. she forgot to give my the chicken and we all have to wait for 5mins for the pocketful, there was an only word from her mouth that came out, Oh My God, she said that for like 20times and went mad after I fucked her where is my drumstick :) DAMN. 30mins there. wtf.. after we all got we wanted.. I yelled FUCKED UP when I opened the door =D its a nice feeling. LOL

got in bus, shared my meal wid willie, took few bites from his donuts.. got an ice cream from kuga. thanks dude :) ate everything.. I was so damn FULL.. went behind at 7.30.. sam brought his guitar so we all sang and he played like 50 songs or even more. haha. really really cool! 2 broken strings. haha. luckily that we already reached IPOH by that =D

handover is soon 10th of August, so its like the last moment/journey of Mr President, Kah chun wid his beloved INTERACTORS ;) for that we all sing it for him almost every songs . haha. and harold went khayal wid KAH CHUN, KAH CHUN, KAH CHUN... he screamed that at almost every verse and we even made lotsa lyrics for kah chun. ahahaha. ORI ;) from Nobody by SMI's interactors last nite...

I want nobody nobody but kah chun *clap clap*, I want nobody nobody but kah chun *clap clap* hahah. he went RED. LOL

well actually thr were lotsa songs we sang. it were all awesome :)

really really enjoyed every moment.. love u guys :')

and thanks to Miss Foong, Mrs Soam, Rotarian Arthur and our beloved Mr President, Derek Chan Kah Chun.. we love u :)

all of the photos have been uploaded on facebook, check em' up aite ;)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Im learning...

this week has been totally the most tiring week EVER... sigh. stayed up till 2am last nite and the nite bfore for the freaking homework. kay fine, thats normal for a student to do homework BUT copying notes is sooo the gayy --
really, well doing exercises are much more better than that..

slowly going thru the path... the right one :) wish me luck

and YAY... will be leavin Ipoh tmr, I mean this morning to KL for a club trip.. Interact club. the main thing is to attend International Understanding day in SMK aminudin baki whr they actually helding it wid another school so Im expecting it to be a WOW,LOL and INTERESTING *hope so* IU day ever.. look at their confirmed guests on the facebook event. its 800++ confirmed guests!! waddadayyum *nods*

will be reaching thr at 10 till the IU ends at 2 something... after that will be heading to KLCC or Times square *not really sure though* well, gonna just have fun... lotsa fun mayb. Im soooooo gonna invade the Supra shop if we are going to times square, hell yeah :D well, the one and only in MALAYSIA.. ORIGINAL ;)

I cant make it again, I am sorry baby =/

next post after the trip.. boyyy

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

still in dreamland :)

woo hoo! ok cut the crap. spain won, world cup is over, FINALLY! pheww. time to study dude! exam in 4 weeks damn =/ well yea, I didnt go school today :D and yesterday. hehe. went grik to pick up mum cos dad will be away for meeting for a week in kl kl kota nostra~ lol.

alot alot alot to catch up in school, especially chemistry aduyaii. blah

erm, will be going to printing company tmr to print posters for PROM :) (patiently waiting...hehe) 70% of the works for PROM is almost done, well *smiley*

checking out... tata

Monday, July 12, 2010


Netherlands 0 - 1 Spain

chyeahhhhhhH! the final of two teams who were tactically and technically the best in world has ended wid Spain won by a goal to nil in extra time. woooooooooo! the match was hella awesome! counter attacking play, perfect long and shot passes, beautiful thru ball by both teams have really really made myself awesomely thrilled! :) of all the names such as David Villa, Fernando torres, Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben, its ANDRES INIESTA who stole the show wid a sweet lil volley in dying minutes for the SPAIN to win their first ever WORLD CUP. a short cross by Torres but has been deflected by defender and guess wad, FABREGAS was thr, he received the ball and thru it to andres iniesta who was onside, he chipped the ball and smash a thunderous volley and left Stekelenburg dives but the greatest force won! haha. VIVA LA ESPANA <3

its just kinda sad for Torres cos he was left wid harmsting problem. liverpool how? hhmmm. nvm we got a new forward, Jovanovic who has scored against Germany ;)



Sunday, July 11, 2010

clash between the two top armies :)

its Spain vs Netherlands in the final... and yeah a really really tight match its gonna be! both teams got their own style of football and splendid wid top players who are in the the top clubs around the world... the Netherlands wid their total football and Spain wid their beautiful game.
Both nations have never won a World Cup, cooooool! but so much is at stake for Spain and the Netherlands this weekend. For the Dutch, it would erase roughly 40 years of underachievement and infighting. Add a World Cup to Spain's 2008 Euro title, and you can crown them the undisputed heavyweight champions of football ;)

  • The 2010 World Cup Final in South Africa is the first one ever that hasn’t featured either Germany, Argentina, Italy, or Brazil in it. Brazil has won the Cup five times, Italy four times, Germany three, and Argentina twice.
  • If Spain wins the Cup, but scores less than four goals, they will become the lowest-scoring team ever to win the trophy as they only have seven goals. Three teams have won the World Cup with only 11 goals. These were Italy in 1938, England in 1966, and Brazil in 1994.
  • Spanish midfielder Xavi has created 25 goal scoring opportunities so far in this year’s event. The next player comes in with 17 chances created. He has also completed 509 of the 560 passes he’s attempted. Brazil’s Dunga is the only player to have completed more passes in a World Cup tournament since statistics started to be kept in 1966. He achieved his feat in 1994.
  • Fernando Torres is yet to score! This is definitely gonna be the last chance for him to have his first goal in world cup.

the lineups for tonight's match :

Iker Casillas

Sergio Ramos Gerard Piqué Carles Puyol Joan Capdeville

Sergio Busquets Xabi Alonso

Andrés Iniesta Xavi Hernandez Pedro Rodriguez

David Villa

Robin van Persie

Arjen Robben Wesley Sneijder Dirk Kuyt

Nigel de Jong Mark van Bommel

Giovanni v. Bronckhorst J. Heitinga J. Mathijsen Gregory van der Wiel

Maarten Stekelenburg

In spite of all the talent on the Dutch team, I’m thinking David Villa will lead Spain to glory by a score of Spain 2 Netherlands 1.

Conversely, David Villa and Wesley Sneijder are the contenders to win the Adidas's Golden Boot award. both have scored 5 goals and for tonite, never take your eyes off em cause they gonna bangs wid goals ;)

so who’s your pick to win the World Cup? Do not miss the match peeps
viva la espana <3

hitler won :)

Uruguay 2-3 Germany

woo hoo. GERMANY won ;) as wad I expected so yeah cooooool. the match was quite fun as both teams showed a nice teamwork and skills. I even spotted one from Edison Cavani, amazing and he scored one. others are D. Forlan, T. Müller, M. Jansen and S.Khedira


slept late... erm around 2.30, was actually planning to wake up at 11.30 so that Imma have a precious 8hours of sleep :) dadidummm pommm "ilmin bangun, ur uncle is here!" wtheck, dude its only 9.30... == urghh. got awoken by brother, 2nd bro. uncle came today, to visit his grandson in the hospital so he gonna stay at the house for the wholeeeee day.

woke up, wash ma face, greeted him shook his hand and yeah he likes to talk... he started the convo wid, "kamu ada pergi gym ke min?" I answered, "oh tak lah, membazir je so nono" him, "betul tak pergi? tapi badan kamu tu macam model" and he laughed. I was like wooo, thank u. haha and just smiled. grabbed the newspaper, the headline was "Spain vs Netherlands. Paul says Spain" already expected this cause u know, I got the sixth sense *.* read everything, ready for tuition at 12 and went for it. had a nice lesson thr :)

today's match Uruguay vs Germany, 3rd and 4th placing.
Germany LAH :)
will be staying up for the last 2 matches


patiently waiting :D

yeah baby
, finally I've decided to blogging :) it feels so
gayy, yeah I know. why? thats because of YOU! on 11th july, 5 am accidentally read ur blog and I found it cool and somehow yea, awesome ;) well okayy, lemme introduce myself...
Im Ilmin, 16 years old and living in Ipoh. enuf aite... lol
and yupp, Im not single :D planning to not talk bout our love stories here because I DONT WANT TO. hoho. will be blogging if Im not that busy well this month is just phewww~ awesomely,terribly,wid no doubt its so freaking BUSY!
more post to come.. check em up aite