Saturday, August 7, 2010

new me. whee =D

its august, wow! its hella quick -.- new day, new week, new month, new life :) guess I just need to smile and just continue with life.. July and early August, I've never been so freaking busy for every single day... dayyum. my schedule is packed and for that I can only update my blog on weekend.. fuhhh

new guy in school/class , ang mou or white guy. lol. he's from Germany and gonna live here for a year, blahh. student exchange program like every single year? -.-

I'm Tim Moller, Im from Germany, West Germany. Nice to meet y'all *germany's slang*

*lol HITLER*

He got the blue eyes... woo gayy :D
Im kinda cool with him though *sometimes* haha. played football with him on friday during P.E class. damn he's good at shooting, its like a rocket and its deadly accurate SHIT -.- but yeah, he likes to play SOLO SOLO. lol. the only man he passes the ball to is Faizal cos he thru the ball first to him. haha. and he tried to be the goallie meantime, I gave him my thunderous Stevie G's rocket and he saved it * damn* but yeah he was shocked and he felt the pain, it was completely obvious. hahah. take that German boyy ;)

I spent 5 freaking hours to edit a 3.25 mins song. dayyumm. 5 songs combined but yeah if was paid off cos I like it :D lol.

oh yea, I did my English presentation on monday.. my topic was BOXING.
I talked about the rules, the basic punches in boxing and the legends. before I even started my topic, the whole class shouted " show us the demo" hahah. I was like oh sure sure. be patient. haha. and yeah I did the demo with Yap and Hambali, they both volunteered themselves ;) I threw my left hook and jab to Yap really damn hard. haha. it was good.. I guess :D Mrs Chiew like it and wanting more but.. hehe

thats all for today, dad's asking me to teman him to eat. till next post YO. ciao

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