Saturday, July 31, 2010

knock knock

a seriously terrible week I had =/ u know why rite. sigh. but nvm lets just continue erm... had my first dance practise on monday. wow, its *awesome* haha. kekok/awkward :D well thats me ^^
next practise is on 2nd of august... cool. cant wait for it, hope that we gonna get more time to practise :)

today 31st of July, woke up early for football training.. 3 hours of training, not that tiring though the last time I trained was like 3, 4 months ago.. met some new mates and the coach is good :) I had impressed him although its the first training ;) he asked " You main untuk sekolah? " me " last year " coach " this year? " me " *speechless* " and just forced myself to smile =/ called dad after training, went to HOLLYWOOD restaurant for brunch wid mum and lil sis, the restaurant is famous in town kott ;)

rushed back home, mandi, gosok baju and zoommmm, fly to smi for Perak Cube Open 2010. it went well. good job guys. went to Parade wid nicholas and karthik. met willie and shawn koon there, roamed around for 30 mins, checked the new SubZero's edition, cool. well yeah, tiring day.

*yawning* bye ;)

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