Saturday, July 17, 2010

Im learning...

this week has been totally the most tiring week EVER... sigh. stayed up till 2am last nite and the nite bfore for the freaking homework. kay fine, thats normal for a student to do homework BUT copying notes is sooo the gayy --
really, well doing exercises are much more better than that..

slowly going thru the path... the right one :) wish me luck

and YAY... will be leavin Ipoh tmr, I mean this morning to KL for a club trip.. Interact club. the main thing is to attend International Understanding day in SMK aminudin baki whr they actually helding it wid another school so Im expecting it to be a WOW,LOL and INTERESTING *hope so* IU day ever.. look at their confirmed guests on the facebook event. its 800++ confirmed guests!! waddadayyum *nods*

will be reaching thr at 10 till the IU ends at 2 something... after that will be heading to KLCC or Times square *not really sure though* well, gonna just have fun... lotsa fun mayb. Im soooooo gonna invade the Supra shop if we are going to times square, hell yeah :D well, the one and only in MALAYSIA.. ORIGINAL ;)

I cant make it again, I am sorry baby =/

next post after the trip.. boyyy

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