Sunday, July 18, 2010

horrayyy :D

awesomeee... the trip to kl was so damn COOL. its like LOL... okay here's the agenda wad had happened yesterday.
  • took off from school at 6.30
  • dropped by behrang for breakfast
  • reached SMK Aminuddin Baki at 10.30
  • lunch there
  • went KLCC after lunch
  • roaming around for an hour
  • invade petrosains from 3 to 5.30
  • journey back home begun
  • went Sg Buloh for dinner.. take away
  • reached oh SMI at 9.30
  • :)
bro fetched me to school at 6... met everyone thr *thought that I was the 1st to come :p* after Mr President checked the attendance, we got in the bus. okay, I was damn sleepy right after we were on the bus, slept for an hour back home bfore that :D camwhored by willie and then booomm, sleep for like an hour.. got myself up for breakfast, bought a burger and milk *apparently it was nothing there to eat* got back in bus... and SLEEP again :)

willie woke me up when we reached the school... the area of the school is pretty big in square feet. lol. and its so near to klcc :) got the ticket by kah chun and the booklet from the man in charged there. both ticket and booklet are cool. went in.. huge spectator there.. performance from the band at first.. few songs like heartless, need you now and dotdotdot. a dance from the real african from some uni. damn thats cool... another few performances and a sketch.. okay its boring halfway cos its too freaking long.. sorry :D lunch - ok

okayy we had fun in that IU day, really! :)

went KLCC after that... it took just 20mins I guess.. got in, not just klcc but all of the shops in tower 2. HAHAHA. found the UGLY jersey, and yeah its MAN UTD's. hahahaha. the actual mission was to find ronaldo's boots.. saw it, grab it and guess wad, its RM 1499. aligato gozaimas. roamed around... blablabla. was actually tired cos lack of sleep =/ went to the foodcourt.. bought a subway's sandwich.. nice. got to be outside of the petrosains bfore 3 so yeah we still got another half an hour.... roamed around again :D its 3, gathered at petrosains, everyone was there.. checked in.. ride from a slowest GONDOLA ever -- coolshit BLAH.. the whole thing inside was a really boring, for kids yea.. found this at the center of the journey inside.. there is a chop machine and a picther machine where u can try and see ur results... its km/h.. the speed. well Kuga and I got the same strenght :D 51.9 I guess. haha. but unfortunately willie has beaten my record in pitching.. I almost forgot wads the record was.. but it was close. HAHA

times up.. we were actually ran out of time.. took some photos outside the KLCC.. the JUMPS one is photographed by ME ;) others so noob till I have to take it.. bus arrived 10mins later, got in and hello IPOH :) harold wid his moment... he took a few tits photos. hahahaha. u can check them on my album on fb. haha

sungai buloh... went kfc. the worker is so freaking noob. I asked for a toasted pocketful and x deluxe meal.. its a wrap chicken thingy, a drumstick, mountain dew and the fries.. she forgot to give my the chicken and we all have to wait for 5mins for the pocketful, there was an only word from her mouth that came out, Oh My God, she said that for like 20times and went mad after I fucked her where is my drumstick :) DAMN. 30mins there. wtf.. after we all got we wanted.. I yelled FUCKED UP when I opened the door =D its a nice feeling. LOL

got in bus, shared my meal wid willie, took few bites from his donuts.. got an ice cream from kuga. thanks dude :) ate everything.. I was so damn FULL.. went behind at 7.30.. sam brought his guitar so we all sang and he played like 50 songs or even more. haha. really really cool! 2 broken strings. haha. luckily that we already reached IPOH by that =D

handover is soon 10th of August, so its like the last moment/journey of Mr President, Kah chun wid his beloved INTERACTORS ;) for that we all sing it for him almost every songs . haha. and harold went khayal wid KAH CHUN, KAH CHUN, KAH CHUN... he screamed that at almost every verse and we even made lotsa lyrics for kah chun. ahahaha. ORI ;) from Nobody by SMI's interactors last nite...

I want nobody nobody but kah chun *clap clap*, I want nobody nobody but kah chun *clap clap* hahah. he went RED. LOL

well actually thr were lotsa songs we sang. it were all awesome :)

really really enjoyed every moment.. love u guys :')

and thanks to Miss Foong, Mrs Soam, Rotarian Arthur and our beloved Mr President, Derek Chan Kah Chun.. we love u :)

all of the photos have been uploaded on facebook, check em' up aite ;)

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