Sunday, July 11, 2010


slept late... erm around 2.30, was actually planning to wake up at 11.30 so that Imma have a precious 8hours of sleep :) dadidummm pommm "ilmin bangun, ur uncle is here!" wtheck, dude its only 9.30... == urghh. got awoken by brother, 2nd bro. uncle came today, to visit his grandson in the hospital so he gonna stay at the house for the wholeeeee day.

woke up, wash ma face, greeted him shook his hand and yeah he likes to talk... he started the convo wid, "kamu ada pergi gym ke min?" I answered, "oh tak lah, membazir je so nono" him, "betul tak pergi? tapi badan kamu tu macam model" and he laughed. I was like wooo, thank u. haha and just smiled. grabbed the newspaper, the headline was "Spain vs Netherlands. Paul says Spain" already expected this cause u know, I got the sixth sense *.* read everything, ready for tuition at 12 and went for it. had a nice lesson thr :)

today's match Uruguay vs Germany, 3rd and 4th placing.
Germany LAH :)
will be staying up for the last 2 matches


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